Wednesday, 20 August 2014

13/31 Where I Live

Our family live in Billericay which is in Essex.

Billericay is close enough to London (a 40 minute train journey) but just far away enough to have a bit of countryside.


Not far from where we live we have Norsey Woods which dates back to bronze and Iron Age! We love to go here to build dens, climb trees and have a nice stroll.



Oh and as everybody knows, Gavin & Stacey put billericay on the map but it wasn't even filmed here!



Tuesday, 19 August 2014

11/31 Top 5 Movies

I've totally messed up the order of these prompts!

As many people know I don't watch too much TV. This extends to films too. So my top 5 are...

1. Love Actually


Love, death, Christmas, boobies, music, Hugh Grant. What's not to love!?

2. About a Boy


Hugh Grant, Hugh Grant and a geeky boy.

3. Grease.


Who doesn't love this film? Well Kev who has never seen it but that's another story!

4. Aristocats


The first ever film I loved. Ask my mum!

5. Avatar


Is it possible to be in love with a film character who looks like this?!

What's your top 5?


Monday, 18 August 2014

12/31 Guilty Pleasures

A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guiltfor enjoying it. The "guilt" involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, such as campy styles of entertainment. Fashion,video games, bachata[disambiguation needed], music, theatre, television series,[1] films,[2] junk food and fetishes can be examples of guilty pleasures.[3]

I had to google it so I was 100% sure I was barking up the right tree. I don't like using the work guilty, it makes the think of criminals. I prefer the word naughty. Naughty pleasures or wrong pleasure!

So my 3 naughty pleasures are

Food.... I have all sorts of naughty food that when I eat, I feel bad! Like pot noodles. Pot noodle with a crusty, buttered roll to dip in. Dirty food!!! Food of the 80's. That was a wrong time for food. Super noodles, Crispy Pancakes,

Even posh food was wrong. A few years ago I was challenged to do a 80's themed dinner party. I had to do some research into what this would intale as I don't remember Mum and Dad doing much entertaining in the 80's apart from their legendaryTrivial Pursuit nights and they would just serve peanuts, salted crisps and if the were pushing the boat out, Twiglets. So, after completing my research I discovered that the best people served were a prawn cocktail for starters, chicken Kiev and chips for main and trifle for dessert.

Another naughty food I love is fish fingers. At lunch time, fish finger sandwich and dinner time, fish fingers, homemade potato wedges and tinned spaghetti hoops smothered in vinegar and brown sauce.

Next is

Naps or horizontal life pauses. Oohhhhhhh the thought of laying on my bed in the middle of the day, nestling my head between the millions of cushions that serve no purpose but for this moment and clutching my teddy. Then just drifting off...

Last but defiantly not least.....

Picking my nose. There we go, I've said it!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

10/31 3 Things you have checked off your Bucket List

A bucket list is quite a new thing to me really. I've only known about it for 5 years or so. I've never felt in a rush to complete my bucket list because I've felt I've got ages until I kick the bucket! I suppose you never know.

A few years ago I taught a scrapbooking class where they scraped their bucket list. Something's on mine were to ride a horse along a beach , meet jamie Oliver, grown a herb garden and explore spirituality. I've not rode a horse along a beach but since then I do own my own horse who I plan to take to the beach.

I've not met Jamie Oliver or grown a herb garden yet but I have discovered faith.Not spirituality but Christianity. How could I of got this so wrong?! Whatever, god was calling he. I will always be a very spiritual person but not in the spirt world type, the holy spirt type.

This was me being baptised in 2012. It changed my life. Everything seems so much clearer now.




Friday, 15 August 2014

9/31 15 things that make you happy

Hey, I'm a happy person. How can I narrow it down to 15 things that light my fire?!

Right, I'll give it a go...


1. Long, hot baths, on a Saturday evening after work.

Must be accompanied by a huge glass of wine.

2. Flowers in my home.

There is something special about having fresh flowers in my home. I am lucky to have such a fantastic mummy who treats me now and then. When she does it makes me feel so lucky.

3. An Indian takeaway.

Sitting down, choosing what someone else will cook for you, waiting for it to arrive then chilling out and eating.

4. Going for a long hack on Pepper

I find it so relaxing but also exciting for me, Pepper and friends to go on a long adventure. I am hoping that by next summer me and Peoper will have the confidence to go out just the two of us.

5. Mc Donald's

Guilty pleasure!!! I always go for the special meal.

6. Colour

It just makes something in my belly go all jumbled up to see colour in order!

7. Slippers


When you come in, take your shoes off and ahhhhhhhhhh, put your feet into your slippers.

8. Mugs

A cup of coffee is never be perfect without the right mug.

9. Capturing that perfect photo.

I've been taking photos since I was 8 years old. I still get that fuzzy feeling when I take a good shot.


10. Live music

It makes me feel alive

11. Russet apples


Sure sign autumn is coming when these beauties are in the shop. My favourite apple.

12. Date nights

Me and him.

13. Cooking


Cooking is totally a passion of mine. I love working with new recipes and pouring over recipe books and magazine cuttings.

14. Creating


This is a little present I made for my lovely friend Dawn for her birthday in June. I love creating. It's my life line.

15. Wine

Last but not least ...... Wine. After a hard day, or afternoon or even morning.


Thursday, 14 August 2014

8/31 What's in Your Handbag

Or hambag if you read my earlier post!


I try to carry around only the essential things in my handbag because if not it gets way out of hand! I find the key to this is having the perfect size bag. I have found one but it's now looking a bit sad as I've had it for a few years.

So, in my handbag is

my purse (which was brought for me by my mummy and I love it!)

My planner. I have recently gone back to a paper version after years of using my iPhones calendar. I remember things better if I have wrote them down.

My mini iPad.

My card holder, this holds all those millions of points and rewards cards.

The shop keys

And my little dog bag. This holds little bits, little notepad with matching pencil, Vaseline, lipstick, chewing gum (not that I like gum but one has to stay fresh!), two pens and a tie clip (not an essential!)

I have taught a few scrapbooking classes where this is the subject. It's always interesting to see what people carry around at different stages of their life. 10 years ago I would of been carrying a changing bag for Miss Woo, in 10 years time who knows what I'll be carrying!


Today me and Miss Woo went to have our nails done. I've been promising her since the start of the holidays but with one thing or another we hadn't had time.

She had some fancy artwork done on hers! I went for Essie Fiesta . I'm making the most of the summer by wearing really bright colours!


Yesterday I didn't manage a post. I was really dissapointed but the words would flow. I went to a funeral you see, a guy I used to go to school with. He died of heart failure. He was a smashing guy and anyone that knew him would agree. My fondest memory was us dancing at our school reunion, Paul had the lights flashing on his wheelchair and we were spinning round. He never let his condition (muscular dystrophy) get in his way.


Rest in peace 'Wheels' x


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

7/31 10 songs on your playlist right now.

Anyone that knows me well will know that at times I find it hard to make decisions. Everything I do has to follow some stupid pattern or routine.
When it comes to music it goes like this...
I play an album to death
I have my whole playlist on shuffle
Or I use iTunes genius

I would love to make a top 10 playlist of my top songs ever but this changes everyday!
I found an app called Top Songs which could tell me what songs I had played the most on my iphone & iPad.
So I'll show you the results...
This is from my iPad.
Interesting ah? Can you see how this app has stopped me from making a decision!!