Saturday, 17 January 2015

I have been diagnosed.....

That's right. Finally I can officially say I have Hypermobility Syndrome. This is an amazing day for me as I have been fobed off for so long by many medical professionals whom have told me to get on with my pain.

Basically for those who don't know what I am talking about, HMS is a connective tissue disorder. This means that the tissue which is there to support the joints is lax like an over stretched elastic band. This can affect any connective tissue in the body including esophagus, heart valves and veins. Because of the silly overstretched veins, blood pools in them making a surge of adrenaline. Ever wondered why I am oftern bouncing of the walls?!

Dr Kaz Kaz (coolest name ever!) told me I need to start swimming which is the safest form of exercise I can do. I hate swimming, well not actual swimming but swimming pools. Aaaagggghhh. Dirty, plaster floating, pube flooring swimming pools. The other problem is I can't really swim. I do every stroke possible in one move....... I need to learn.

So the plan is, I do specialist Pilates, swim, see a podiatrist, see a Gastroenterologist and do a 8 week pain management course.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 Craft goals!

After posting my new year goals I thought I'd completely copy Leanne And post my craft aims for the year.

1 Project Life........ A few years ago, when Project Life first came to the UK I got completely caught up in the buzz and brought a load of stash. Then feeling very overwhelmed by the idea of documenting every week for a year I baled out. This year I am going to go for it again after dabbling in a few pages last year. I am lucky because one of my yummy friends Polly, is the queen of PL. If you want to have a peek at her stuff pop over to her Instagram

2 Take more photos...... I take quite a few every day photos but when it comes to events or gatherings I get a bit shutter shy. I think this connects to my brave goal.

3 Paint and draw...... I used to draw loads. This was before I discovered craft. Callum is so talented with his art, he makes me so proud. It's made me feel really inspired and New Year's Day I decided to give it a go.

4 Finish Stuff....... For many crafters this is probably one of their new year goals too. We like to dip into things then move on, not even completing what we started. This one is an aim that I say every single year!
5 Make more cards..... I really enjoy making cards now and this is largely due to Pinterest giving me a mojo injection but I don't make many for people. I need to be more organised with events and get my finger out and start making. I've started this goal already by making my Mum's birthday card.
It was her birthday today. Happy birthday mummy!
6 Sew..... Get my sewing machine out and sew baby, sew! I've already got plans with my friend Karen to kick start this off but to be honest I am a little scared of the mean green machine.
Watch this space for updates!!!


Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Goals

Happy new year!!!

I do love a new year, it's like having a good clear out and starting a fresh.

I was inspired by the lovely Leanne to blog some goals for the forthcoming year. This year is going to be a big year for us with Callum going to college and Elli moving up to senior school to name a few.

1 - Get healthy ... I know this time of year everyone says that but I need to. I just can't get below the 12st mark and my body feels like it's going to break in some way or another all the time. I am going to see the EDS specialist in two weeks time and I am sure he will tell me to make some changes.

2 - Make friends and keep them ...... Not in a stalker way but not push people away. Constantly feeling paranoid if I have upset some because they haven't called/ didn't invite me to their charity coffee morning/ didn't invite me out for their birthday drinks is not a great mind place to be. Make an effort and keep in touch.

3 - Be brave .... I suppose this links to the last goal. Make arrangements, say what needs to be said, trust in gods will. Stop hiding!!!

4 - Fill my mind with good ..... Read my bible, read ANYTHING actually, write letters, draw and paint, play board games, walk, craft.

5 - Stick to things....... Clean eating, targets, schedules, dreams.

Tell me if you have any goals for 2015.



Monday, 25 August 2014

15/31 Top 5 Travel Destinations

I haven't travelled much in my life so far. I think that's what happens when you have your first child at 20. I hope that when the kids are a little older me and Kev will have a chance to explore.

When I think of the destinations I would like to visit , it's not the place but something in that place that has brought me to want to visit.

The first place is The Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

I first came across this wonderful little theatre when I was looking at Seth Lakeman music videos. What an amazing setting for a gig.

Second place is Jamaica. Ever since my early teens, I have loved reggae music especially Bob Marley & the Wailer's. I would study his song lyrics and any reading material I could find. My favourite book is Bob Marley Catch a Fire. This book has such wonderful descriptions of Bob Marleys life, it made me want to see the place that he lived. I know it's probably not possible to visit such places but I can only imagine that any part of Jamaica is amazing.

Third place, well it's not a place as such but is the Northern Lights.
To go to Iceland maybe and view such spectacle would be a dream.
Fourth place is Scotland. I have been here once and this was for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Isle of Seil which is just off Oban. It was such a magical place.


I know there is so much more to explore.

Fith, Italy anywhere!!!

The food, wine, people, history, culture. I could go on!


Friday, 22 August 2014

14/31 Why I Blog

Sorry a want AWOL yesterday, I've been busy with a little project that me and a few other ladies are taking part in. Here is a sneak peek

I'll show you more tomorrow.

Now, today's post, Why I blog is an easy one. I like to write. I have been pondering this post all week and it wasn't until I was talking to a lovely lass about her GCSE English exam and how it was cool because she just likes to write, that I too realised that's why I like to blog.

When I was Miss Woo's age I did want to become an author.

It was at this age that I was given a pile of horsey books by my auntie Sue's neighbour. These books included the fabulous Jill's Gymkhana by Ruby Ferguson.

This book was written in 1949 but that didn't matter to me, it was the world of horses.

This series of books ( there are 9 in total) inspired me to write stories about me and my fictional pony Puzzle, a piebald cob. As I ran along the Heath where I lived, I would act out the stories I had written or invented new ones.

I would love to own the first editions of these books. Who knows what happened to mine.

Night night.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

13/31 Where I Live

Our family live in Billericay which is in Essex.

Billericay is close enough to London (a 40 minute train journey) but just far away enough to have a bit of countryside.


Not far from where we live we have Norsey Woods which dates back to bronze and Iron Age! We love to go here to build dens, climb trees and have a nice stroll.



Oh and as everybody knows, Gavin & Stacey put billericay on the map but it wasn't even filmed here!



Tuesday, 19 August 2014

11/31 Top 5 Movies

I've totally messed up the order of these prompts!

As many people know I don't watch too much TV. This extends to films too. So my top 5 are...

1. Love Actually


Love, death, Christmas, boobies, music, Hugh Grant. What's not to love!?

2. About a Boy


Hugh Grant, Hugh Grant and a geeky boy.

3. Grease.


Who doesn't love this film? Well Kev who has never seen it but that's another story!

4. Aristocats


The first ever film I loved. Ask my mum!

5. Avatar


Is it possible to be in love with a film character who looks like this?!

What's your top 5?